Global NANO Products Inc. is a world leader in nano technology development for the sealants and coatings industry. Our scientists are highly ambitious and inventive, and we can mix your next star product.

Mission statement: GNP Nano – Utilizing Cutting Edge Chemistry To Develop a Range Of Chemical Products for Industrial and Personal Use.

Ben Sawchuk
CHEMIKER, Miroslav Kraus​

Mr. Sawchuk is an entrepreneur who has been active (primarily in northern British Columbia) for over forty years. He has extensive experience in real estate development, real estate marketing, project financing, and commercial construction.

In 1983, Mr. Sawchuk began acquiring insurance offices and after more than two decades spent increasing the scope and profitability of their operations, he sold an association of twenty independent brokerages to Western Financial Group in a transaction that remains the largest of its kind.

Peter Jurkemik

CEO of GNP Nano

CEO Peter Jurkemik, born in Czechoslovakia, spent most of his professional life as the head scientist for Vancouver based Biotech Company. From the time he was an honor student at University of Plovdiv to the time he founded Agrinova Consulting Inc, he has been focused on bringing the highest standards of consulting services to local chemical manufacturing companies, formulators and compliance companies. Peter also successfully formulated, manufactured and sold his own product to medical industries.

As the CEO of GNP Nano, Peter continues to focus on new ecofriendly trends in chemical industries and provides flexible leadership towards innovations.

Mr. Kraus graduated with a Masters degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technology from the technical University of Prague, Czech Republic and the International University – Technologitscheskij Institut St. Petersburg, Russia. Mr. Kraus also has a diploma from the company Kaiser Management in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Further Mr. Kraus managed the Scientific Institute for the production of Poly- and Copolymers (Acrylonitril butadiene – styrene), Foam and High Impact Polystrol, synthetic Latex and natural rubber, in Kaucuk, Kralupy, Czech Republic.

Mr. Kraus gained further experience in Germany developing analyses and methods for hospital diagnostics, the food industry, and the US car analyses industry working for the US Company Technicon – New York, and as the manager of the development department for the US company Technicon in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. He is an author of multiple technical publications on self developed methods for: Digoxin, Pepsin, Pentobarbital, Prolin, Magnesium etc. in physiological liquids and single dragees. He gained experience in the development and modernization of formulas for cleaning and care products, particularly in the last 20 years in the area of nano-technology.

A special area of his research was in cooperation with a milk research specialist and the now patented development of natural cosmetic on the basis of whey and quark (Patent No.: DE 196 06 439 A1). This innovative development process is constantly ongoing.

NOTE: Miroslav Kraus has since retired from our company.

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